Since ancient times, 13 civilizations have ruled the Earth, each worshiping their own gods. In return, the immortal gods granted their blessings to the people and gave them power. And so the world of man blossomed for many centuries. This period was known as the "Prosperous Era".Faithful nations divided the land according to the gods they worshiped, and built great walls and gateways between them. But when the tides turned, good-will between nations gave way to hatred and greed. Our once peaceful land erupted in war! Now, warlords use the power of the immortals in pursuit of conquest. The eternal battle has begun, and countless immortals have been dragged into the chaos.

Immortal Conquest: Europe is a free-to-play terrain-based strategy game for iOS and Android players in Europe, published by Funcell. Players create and manage their own cities, expand, and maintain real alliances with other players to gather land resources and eventually conquer the entire world. Players must strategically work with and against each other to raise the most powerful army with the help of powerful Gairo cards, each with unique abilities. When the objective of a season is achieved by one or a few alliances, those players win that season’s rewards and the glory of ultimate victory. The map then refreshes and the race for global domination begins again!

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